Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sister Lis today. She is a wonderful teacher, mother, sister and friend. I hope that she is enjoying her special day with her boys at the Stuga. I am so blessed to have Lis in my life as someone to laugh with, celebrate with (Yeah for Staples Day!) listen to my concerns and problems and coach me through those tough times. Thank you Lis for being who you are. I love you!!

Lis with Brian on her birthday last year.

Lis meeting Alexander.

Sarah and Lis Fall '06

The Power of Three

Alexander has passed the three month marker and is enjoying life. He is sleeping longer stretches at night which is very helpful now that mommy is back at work. He is working hard on his rolling although he has not yet made it all the way over. He enjoys picking his head up to look all around, especially at the neat ceiling fan in the kitchen. His play mat continues to be his favorite hangout spot, although the animals above his crib are really fun too. As he has discovered his hands he has realized they are just as tasty to chomp on as his pacifier. Enjoy the latest pictures!

Double fisting, literally!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can I Do This?

Today is my last official day of summer vacation, which also means the end of my maternity leave. I have had a wonderful three months with Alexander and I am very lucky to have had so much time with him. When he was six weeks old I remember thinking, how do other mothers go back to work now, after only six short weeks!?! Now I sit here and think, how can I go back after three short months!?! Alexander still seems so little, his needs are still so great. Then there are the moments that are the hardest...when he wakes at three a.m. As I walk to his room I think, can I do this? Can I be a successful teacher, wife, mother and volunteer all at the same time?

I am actually looking forward to going back to work. There I said it. I feel like that makes me a bad mother but I would be an even worse mother if I lied. Many people have asked me if I am going back to work and when I say yes they respond with, "I'm sorry". It's like they are offering their condolences or pity. I want to be a contributing member of society. I want to help my son understand the value of hard work. I want to continue to be a part of this family's financial well being. Are those things more important than Alexander? Absolutely not! But they are important to me. He is going to be in good hands and he is going to learn new things while I am away. But I am going to learn new things as well and we will just have to figure it all out together. That is after all what being a family is all about, supporting each other as we learn and grow.

I have to go to bed now, it is after all a school night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Just this past week Alexander has begun to roll over. He gets as far as his side and then flops over onto his arm. He has not yet made it all the way over but gets closer every day! I of course try to tempt him over by placing toys and other things to his side for him to reach for, as you can see in the pictures below. Many mornings we go into his room and he has moved onto his side during the night. He is starting to be a boy on the move!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Merrymeeting Lake

We returned home yesterday from a great week at Merrymeeting Lake in NH. We were there with a great group of friends. It was nice to have the time together before I go back to work. Alexander was a great sport considering he was out of his element and that there was construction happening right outside our window!

Alexander with Tante Hilde

The daily construction

The gang relaxing on the beach

Alexander getting some play time

Thanks Mormor for my new jammies!

Beachside bottle with Daddy

Alexander having some outside playtime

Winning Shot

I have been waiting for a few weeks to post this picture. At the end of July when my parents were out of town we gathered the four grandsons at the Stuga. They were dressed in some jammies that they got last Christmas, before Daniel and Alexander we even born! After a very interesting photo shoot this picture came out as the winner. We enlarged it and presented it to my parents (who were thrilled) last week.

Brian holding Alexander, Daniel and David

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Big 2-M

A very belated post on Alexander's two month marker. He celebrated a week and a half ago but we have been to RI and then NH and not had much time to post! The day after he turned two months old we brought him to the doctor for his check up. He is growing very well and she said everything looks good. Then the part we were all dreading, out came the needles. He got two shots in his left leg and one in his right. He cried when they were administered but was settled by the time he was dressed and ready to go. He was a very brave boy and mommy was so proud!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Light Unto My Path

Like many of you I spent much of today watching the footage of the 35W bridge collapse. It is shocking, scary and numbing to watch how so many lives can be instantly changed by something that we all put our faith in daily. I have taken many field trips with my class where I constantly check to make sure no one is left behind. I never think twice about the bus ride itself. Would I know how to respond if something happened? I can only hope and pray that God would guide my instincts and that He would take over.

The image that struck me the most came during the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. As they were going to a commercial they were showing a series of still photographs that had been captured by various witnesses. As I was standing in the living room, rocking Alexander on my shoulder, an image appeared of a woman holding an infant, about the same age as Alexander. She held her child in just about the same position as I did, one arm tucked under the bottom, the other hand on the back of the head. A common position meant to comfort and reassure the child. There I was in the safety of my own home and all I could see was the look of fear on this woman's face. Fear of what had just happened, fear for what was yet to come, fear for the safety of her child.

As a teacher and now a parent I have been given a great gift, to care for and protect the children entrusted to me. May I be ever mindful that children truly are a gift from God and that I cannot expect to guide them through their lives without first seeking His guidance in mine.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

End of an Era

On our last trip to the Stuga my brother Andrew and my dad took down the "Lil' Stuga" that has sat in the yard for almost 20 years. It was built by my MorFar for my sister and I to play in. It has been a staple in the neighborhood for so long that a few people stopped while passing by to "pay their respects". It was time for it to go as the roof was warping, the windows had been missing for a few years and a few animals had taken over the inside. There are plans to replace it however so the next generation can have a place to play.

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