Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Go Elf Yourself!

(Be patient, it can take awhile but it is worth it!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Came Early

This morning Gordon and Karen went to the hospital to welcome their new family member. This meant that Alexander got packed up to spend the day with Charlotte at her house while Nana held down the fort. When I got to their house I unloaded Alexander from his car seat and walked around the car towards the door, being extra cautious as there was a fresh dusting of snow. As I started up the driveway I saw two sets of footprints, leaving the house. I paused for a moment to look at them and think about how they were the marks of Gordon and Karen heading out for a day that they would always remember. Something so simple, footprints in the snow, yet representing something so important, their leaving to expand their family. It seemed almost disrespectful for me to walk on those prints so I stepped to the side, said a prayer for their new child and brought Alexander inside to the warmth of their home.
Welcome Ian Gordon, you have already left your footprints on our hearts.

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