Saturday, January 8, 2011

Advent in the bathroom

We have just about finished our downstairs bathroom and I couldn't be happier. When we bought the house Eric said the pink had to go and the curtains had to become full-length. As with most home projects, four years later and we finally get it done. We both knew that we wanted a change but in the grand-scheme of everything it was a functioning bathroom and so it did not take priority. When I finally decided to focus my attention on this project I spent a lot of time on a color-scheme (not many options when you are painting over pink) a design plan and what to do for more storage. All of these decisions and shopping trips took a good four to five months, again, not a big surprise with a home project. Then in just about a week, the paint was up, the curtains were hung, the cabinet arrived and the decorations were added and we have a new bathroom that I love! I finally figured out how all those HGTV shows make it happen in a day or two - all the time and hard work is in the preparation.
This transformation happened during the season of advent. I couldn't help but notice how that was a very fitting time for these changes. Advent is the time of preparation for Christmas, the time when we reflect on our lives and prepare to welcome Christ to our world. Although the preparations are necessary, that is not what brings about joy. Joy is found in the completion of a project, the satisfaction in a job well done. So I find myself reminded to take time to let God prepare me so I am ready for a job well done.


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