Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Shoes

I recently went out with Alexander to get him some "back to school" sneakers (AKA - running fast shoes). At the beginning of the summer he was wearing a size 7 so we naturally tried on a size 8. They were a bit of a struggle to get on, as most new shoes are, but once they were on seem alright. Until I asked him to walk around a bit and he said they did not feel very good. I checked the toes and indeed it was a bit tight. I found a pair of size 9's and those not only slipped on much better but fit him much better. He went home excited about new shoes and I went home with teary eyes about my boy growing so fast he skipped a shoe size! It is always the little milestones that get me. When we got home he wanted to try them out while playing baseball so I had to snap a quick picture of yet another fun day.

Then as I was having my nice mommy moment he reminded me that he still is a little boy as I looked over and saw him "galloping" away...

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