Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A big THANK YOU to everyone that called and e-mailed during Hannah's bought with RSV. It came on very quickly last Tuesday and resulted in a five day stay at CT Children's Medical Center (CCMC). It was difficult to watch our little girl go through such a nasty illness but we were able to see her strong will come through and she was such a fighter. We are so grateful for Alexander who was very brave while Mommy and Daddy were gone long nights at the hospital, friends and family who spent that extra time with Alexander, a church family that supported us through visits and prayer and the wonderful CCMC staff that took great care of Hannah and us as well. It is place I hope to not have to go back to any time soon, but am comforted in knowing that they are there if we need them.
Eric "suited up" as Hannah came off the CPAC (forced oxygen) treatment after 3 days

All unhooked and ready to breath on her own and feeling like a new girl!

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