Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

House Projects

As with many things around the house, one small job can quickly turn into a big project. These past few weeks I have been working to take care of a few projects that have "stalled", mostly due to lack of time. Both projects were things that helped to personalize our home and reflect our decorative style. In addition to being able to cross them off the to-do list it has helped with the slow process of making our home our own.

At the top of our stairs we had a step stool that was being used as a display shelf. In our recent crawler-proofing of the house it had to go which left that wall looking very blank. I found some great frames and created the new wall display.



We then noticed that the rug in our entranceway was damaged so, a new rug inspired a new cabinet color, which inspired new mirror, which inspired new decorations.... Unfortunately the before pictures were deleted from the camera before they were loaded to the computer so you just get to see the after shots and have to trust me that it is an improvement. You can only see a small corner of the new rug but it has small blue flowers on it that are the same blue as the cabinet. There is now a new greeting above the door frame into the house as well.

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