Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Extra Time

 Alexander came home early on Monday, due to bad weather, and used his extra time to make a "town" on some cardboard. After working for about 45 minutes he told me "Mom, my arm is exhausted from all this coloring, good thing I have been practicing at school."  So glad Wethersfield went to all day Kindergarten.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dining Room Part 1

One of the many household projects that we have going on right now is our dining room.  We have known for some time that we would need to replace the table and chairs because 4 out of our 6 chairs had broken beyond repair.  We had been using our "extra" chairs from the basement but with Hannah now eating at the table those were not working as well.  I had been checking Craig's List regularly waiting for the right set to come along and that happened a few weeks ago.  I am planning a complete overhaul of the room and decided that instead of waiting until it is finished and showing befores and afters I would share the journey with you.
Old china cabinet
Old table/chairs and buffet (We kept Alexander) 
We have picked up part of the new set but the credenza and lighted china cabinet were too much for even Eric's muscles so we have to get movers to pick them up.  Still worth it for the great deal that we got for this 10 piece set.
New table and chairs already being used by the kids for projects and Lego's
New bar with an expanding top for serving.
I will post pictures when we get the other pieces and make some headway into the search for a new color scheme.  Let the transformation begin!

Monday, January 14, 2013


While returning home from our morning walk today this was the conversation with Hannah:
Me: Do you know what our house number is?
H: 6
Me: Almost, it's 8.
H: No, 4.
Me: No, it's 8.
H: No, go fish!

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