Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What We Learned

This past weekend we took our first family trip. Yes we have traveled away from home before but it was always to an extension of home, the stuga, family member's home or someplace already familiar to us. We ventured out to Boston last Saturday as a semi-last minute decision and learned quite a few things.

1) Wait until the Nor'easter has passed before traveling.
2) With three people, luggage, crib and stroller don't be afraid to ask for a bigger room when the one they originally assign you would require the stroller to be kept in the bathroom.
3) When you get to the larger room at 2 p.m. and see the 8'x5' closet it might seem like a good idea to put the crib in there so everyone can have a little space, not as good an idea at 2 a.m.
4) Pack extra snacks for everyone as they are a great distraction from crowds, wait staff and the mini-bar.
5) Double check to be sure you have everything out of the car before handing the keys over to the valet.
6) When in a jam the stroller doubles as a nice high-chair.
7) Turn off the heat in the room when you first think it feels "a little warm". By the time you decide it really is too hot, figure out how to turn the heat off, turn it off and realize there is no way to open the window there is no way or time to cool the room down.
8) When walking in to a crowded restaurant with a 9 month old do not take offense when they seat you all the way in the back six tables away from everyone else. (This rule does not just apply to vacation situations.)
9) Do not expect all Handicap access doors to automatically open, and trying the revolving door with a stroller is not a good alternative.
10) Double check for the camera before leaving so that blog fans are not disappointed that there is no photo. to go with this posting.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks Needles!

For the past few weeks Alexander has been fending off the winter chill in a sweater that my brother Greg's wife Laura made for him. She was once given the nick-name "Aunty Needles" by Brian and David because she had made them some great sweaters as well. Alexander loves his and looks so cute in it I just had to share, even though the pictures are not the best.
Thanks once again Laura!

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