Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bedford Springs

The Omni Hotel group recently partnered with a resort group and took over operations at the Omni Bedford Springs in Bedford PA. We decided to take advantage of my February break and a short break in Eric's travel schedule to head down there for a few days. Alexander did great in the car (5 1/2 hours each way) and it was nice to see another Omni property. We had some good food, nice family time, a dip in the pool and lots of walking around. I was able to capture a few pictures of Alexander's favorite things to do on the trip.

Walk out of the room (with mommy)
Find the letters on the wall

Press the elevator button ("ess etton")

Ride in the elevator

Walk down another hallway

Look out the big window to see if it is "oing" (snowing)

Toss leaves off the balcony

Sit cozy in mommy and daddy's bed and have a snack

We hope to go back in the spring/summer when we can enjoy some more of what the property has to offer, namely the stocked trout stream across the street.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up and Running

Sorry for the delay in posting, we were without a computer for about a month. When we purchased TurboTax this year, we also received some free software that would "fix" our slow running computer. In the process of doing this many files and programs were misplaced or deleted which caused things to be slower or not work at all. This then required our computer to take a few days of vacation at the "spa" where it came back to us cleaned and refreshed and free of all programs. We were happy to have it back but have now spent weeks reinstalling all our software and are not even close to being done. I will be working on pictures this week as soon as I get Picassa back so check in with us again soon. Sorry for the delay and thanks to the faithful viewers who have been checking the site non the less!
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