Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Little Monkey

Tuesday night while Hannah was talking with Bob:

B: Did you go to the doctor today?
H: Yup, I got a sticker.
B: Oh, and what did the doctor say?
H: No more monkeys jumping on the bed. (complete with a finger shake)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Adventures of the Old Sarah

The last 6 months have brought about many changes for the Daigle family, some exciting, some scary but all good things for us as a family.  Last May Eric started a new job which has offered him daily challenges that he can learn and grow from both personally and professionally.  In July we welcomed our third child Emmett Richard and are lives were blessed with more love and joy beyond measure.  September brought the start of Kindergarten for Alexander, from bus rides to schedule changes, sorting and sight-words he has taken it all in and is doing wonderful.  September was also a big change for me as I did not return to teaching, I am lucky that my maternity leave runs until the middle of November.  When I was on leave after Alexander and Hannah I had started the school year and then left to be home.  This was a very different feeling to have everyone go back to school and I did not go with them.  Don't get me wrong - since Emmett is still only sleeping about 5 hours at night I am grateful for the time.  Reality struck when a few weeks ago I was dropping off some papers at my school and a boy walked in to the office.  The nurse asked him whose class he was in and he said Mrs. Daigle and I realized I had no idea who he was!  So I find myself with this struggle, the struggle so many mom's (and many dad's) face - I am thrilled to be watching my children grow more each day and having the time to take care of them, Eric and our house but in the back of my mind is this little face, the face of a boy that is "mine" but does not know me.  Am I strong enough to cut the ties? 
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