Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kicked Out of the Club

As many of you know, a few months back I started a Facebook page for Alexander. It all happened one night out of a simple dinner conversation. We were talking about the best parts of our day and he said something so funny Eric and I could hardly keep straight faces. We looked at each other and said, "that should go on Facebook." Ironic that now I no longer remember what that phrase was. I created the Facebook page to share with all of his "friends" all of these regular comments and musings that occur in our household. It was also refreshing to see life through 3 year old eyes every now and then.

Then last week I went to log-in to his account and a message popped up that the account had been deleted. I was sent to a site reminding me of the Facebook expectation that you need to use your real name and age. When I created the account I knew full well that I was not using my real name, I was using his, and I did not use either of our real birthdates, I added a few years to his date. But I also knew that I created the account with no ill will, it was simply meant to be fun and I wanted to see what would come of it...and I did.

So now that I have been found out and the account has been closed the blog is up and running again. All those tidbits of our lives and insights to the world will now be posted here. So come back again soon, look for pictures and even videos, we will not kick you out.
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