Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dining Room Part 2

With the recent "surprise" project of our broken pipes we have had to put some of our design projects on hold.  I wanted to wrap up a few indoor to-do's before we get too far into Spring and all of our extra time and energy is spent on outdoor to-do's.  I thought the dining room chairs would be quick fix and they did not disappoint!  After so many things going wrong lately it was nice to have a project turn out as I was hoping it would.  When I first starting thinking about the dining room face lift the color scheme of yellow, black and grey came to mind as something I would like to explore.  I was also mindful that the set is from the 60's and I wanted to be true to that era/style.  When I went to the fabric store I found this great stripe fabric that was the perfect mix of those things.  



Now on to wall color and window treatments...
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